STOP-CP in children e. V.

Welcome to BrainRepair UG

BrainRepair UG is a clinical stage start-up developing cutting-edge stem cell treatments based on human cord blood for a wide range of indications related to brain injury in children.

BrainRepair UG is the first Biotech company worldwide whose stem cell products have been awarded Orphan Medicinal Product Designations for the treatment of brain injury in newborn infants by the European Commission and the European Medicines Agency, EMA, in 2016.

Brain injury in children may lead to Cerebral palsy (CP), the most frequent disability in childhood. This is a devastating and debilitating ailment with lifelong sequelae for which there is no cure at present and for which there is no causative treatment beyond symptomatic and supportive care. About 17 million people worldwide live with Cerebral palsy. This reflects the magnitude of the personal, medicinal, and socioeconomic burden of this brain disorder. Due to the overt unmet needs, there is an enormous potential for a therapeutic benefit based on our stem cell treatments during infancy, childhood, and adolescence.

All our personal, scientific, clinical, and philanthropic efforts serve the ultimate goal – to combat infantile Cerebral palsy and stop CP in children!

The future of brain repair is now — Repairing a brain means repairing a life!

Philipp Schoeller & Arne Jensen | CEO

Bochum, January 20, 2017